Bitcoin Price Peak – The End for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Price Peak – The End for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin price started out on the stock market at less the $0.01 per share back in 2010 and has since grown at a rapid pace and recently peaked at an amazing $2791.70. In fact, Bitcoin price alone has almost doubled in the past year. Based on the history of the market, though, a Bitcoin crash is bound to happen in the very new future, and some investors are advising shareholders to cash out while the price is still close to its peak.

Bitcoin Market History

Although market history shows that a Bitcoin crash is soon to happen, there are some investors believe that the Bitcoin price could go up to as much as $6000 over the next few years. If we are to try to speculate about the direction that Bitcoin price is heading in, based on market history, we cannot be completely sure that the price is currently at its peak, as Bitcoin has had four “bubble bursts” within its lifetime. Each time these bubbles happened, Bitcoin’s price spiked back up tremendously. In 2011, the price of Bitcoin was at $0.30 and quickly went up to $32, but ended up coming back down to $2. In late 2012, the price started to rise again, this time topping out at $266, but then later crashing to $50 in the second quarter of 2013. At the very end of 2013, the Bitcoin price again shot up, ending up at the highest it had ever been at $1242, and stayed about the same through the second quarter of 2014. Another crash occurred in August of 2014, leaving the price of Bitcoin at $600, and the price continued to drop through January of 2015, being at $224.

Bitcoin Price Peak

By the end of 2016, the Bitcoin price skyrocketed but then quickly fell at the beginning of 2017. This pattern showed that there was no support for the increase in price, which lead investors to predict that a Bitcoin crash will soon happen. In May of 2017, the same type of patterns happened again, and based off of market history, the price of Bitcoin shares could fall to as much as 47% once the Bitcoin crash happens, bringing the price to roughly $1479.28. If the crash does happen, this may be the time for investors to get in on the digital currency market by investing in Bitcoin, as the price more than likely will spike once again, until the next “bubble”.

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