OneCoin and One Life Seek Legal Protection From Competitors’ Smear Campaign

OneCoin and One Life Seek Legal Protection From Competitors’ Smear Campaign

Everyone knows the business world is tough – it is highly competitive, cutthroat and can even get nasty. This is certainly the case for the cryptocurrency market, where there are billions of dollars at stake as numerous cryptocurrencies compete for market share.

However, there is a line between fair competition and illegal and unethical attempts to undermine a competitor’s position and reputation in the marketplace to benefit your own.


This can happen when a business uses false claims, deliberate misrepresentations or flat-out lies to give itself a leg up over the competition. It is now clear that such falsehoods have been leveled against OneCoin and One Life – so much so that OneCoin and One Life have decided to seek legal protection in courts across Europe.

OneCoin & OneLife Under PR Attacks Without Warrant

An online search shows a number of articles and “sources” claiming that OneCoin has engaged in illegal activities, none of which has ever been proven. The fact is that neither OneCoin nor One Life have ever been charged with any illegal activity.

Making matters even more unseemly, is that those making fraudulent claims against OneCoin often do so while hiding their true identities online. Why would they do that? Typically, people try to hide behind online anonymity because they know their claims are false.

A source tells me that OneCoin and One Life are seeking significant damages from those leveling smears and false claims against them. It is unfortunate that OneCoin, a cryptocurrency that is innovating in the marketplace, must be subject to unproven claims and allegations. I hope that the courts will level the playing field so that consumers can decide for themselves which cryptocurrency is best for them.

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