Are Bitcoin Investors Illegally Intimidating the Competition?

Are Bitcoin Investors Illegally Intimidating the Competition?

The cryptocurrency wars are heating up and it is clear some self-interested parties are losing their cool.

While it is by far the leader in market cap, Bitcoin is losing market share and seeing the value of other cryptocurrencies increase. The scenario is accelerating as the Bitcoin community engages in a virtual civil war over its block size.

bjorn bjercke

Bjorn Bjercke Lashes Out With False Claims

Sources tell me that those with vested interests in Bitcoin are increasingly seeking to denigrate competing cryptocurrency OneCoin, along with anyone in the OneCoin network.

A man by the name of Bjorn Bjerke is one such example. My sources tell me that he has personally contacted users of OneCoin to threaten and scare them away from using the cryptocurrency and participating in the OneCoin network.


Bjorn Bjercke Shows Financial Interest in Bitcoin

Why would anyone do this? Only if they had something to lose – something BIG. Bitcoin has been hovering at record highs in recent weeks. But a combination of factors is putting that at risk, along with the fortunes of Bitcoin investors, presumably like Bjerke. The Bitcoin civil war, a steady stream of Bitcoin-related scams and increasing competition from other cryptocurrencies like OneCoin all combine to put Bitcoin’s gains at risk.

By threatening OneCoin users, not only is Bjerke engaged in what would likely be construed as illegal intimidation, he is also clearly demonstrating that he and others with a lot to lose are getting very worried about Bitcoin’s competition.

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