Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest Into in 2018

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest Into in 2018

The start of 2018 has already shown a number of changes in the cryptocurrency markets. Ethereum rose to an all-time high, only to crash by nearly 50% days later, then recover to a stable price. Bitcoin markets have also been in flux, along with many other cryptocurrencies. With such changes happening, it is only natural for an investor to wonder what to do next. So, what are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in during 2018?


Despite the current volatility in the Bitcoin market, it still shows a lot of investment promise. Bitcoin is still the most recognized cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the only cryptocurrency that is a household name. Bitcoin’s name recognition, its status as the original cryptocurrency and its diverse group of users will continue to propel it as a valuable investment over the next year.

While the gains in Bitcoin over 2018 may not reach as high as they did in 2017, they will still vastly outpace other forms of investment like the stock market.


Ethereum rose rapidly in both price and popularity during 2017. Though not yet a household name, Ethereum is currently the second most popular cryptocurrency. Many analysts predict that Ethereum’s price will continue to rise sharply in 2018. Some even project that Ethereum’s price will rise to be higher than Bitcoin’s price.

As more and more people learn about Ethereum, which sets itself apart from Bitcoin by providing smart contracts, the possibility of Ethereum overtaking Bitcoin to become the most popular cryptocurrency rises.


A relative newcomer to the space, OneCoin is one of the most promising altcoins to invest in during 2018. OneCoin is both more secure and easier to mine than Bitcoin. Additionally, it was created with government regulation in mind. While Bitcoin is currently struggling due to the effects of government regulation, OneCoin is taking such regulations in stride.

OneCoin is also able to process transactions incredibly fast, another issue that Bitcoin has struggled with in recent months. China and South Korea both increased their government regulation of cryptocurrencies in the early weeks of 2018. As more governments start to regulate cryptocurrencies, it is likely that regulation-optimized coins like OneCoin will begin to top the market.


In summary, Bitcoin, Ethereum and OneCoin are all valuable investments in 2018. Bitcoin is the current market giant, Ethereum is an upcoming star and OneCoin is a newcomer that is likely to soon rise to fame. Investing in these coins will help create a balanced cryptocurrency portfolio designed to increase earnings and weather market fluctuations.

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